Each PURELAND bottle is boxed using recycled paper and has a dispensing pump that delivers a small amount of product.
You will find the longer you use the product the less product you will need to use after your hair is detoxed.

When you first start using a PURELAND Cleansing Dew you will dispense 1 to 3 pumps into your hand depending on texture and length of your hair to achieve a healing lather. If you wash your hair less frequently it may take 3 to 5 pumps to achieve thicker lather, however after you’ve been using the Cleansing Dew for a couple weeks you should be able to reduce the amount needed to achieve the same healing lather!

Using Daily Conditioner; 1 to 5 pumps (depending on length and texture of hair) distributed evenly will detangle and repair hair while balancing the scalp. You should also find after a couple weeks of use you will be able to reduce the amount of Daily Conditioner needed to achieve the same healing detangling results!

Our challenge to you: When you try PURELAND Cleansing Dew and Daily Conditioner weask you to use them exclusively, use NO other shampoo or conditioner brands for 7 cleansings and conditionings in order to detox your hair and scalp. You will then experience the full benefits of 100% all-natural healing repair that just gets better and better with each use of any PURELAND product. It’s our guarantee or your money back!


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