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Item Description

Plant characteristics:

Lemongrass Hydrosol; Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties help control and sooth scalp disorders & inflammation. Lemongrass extract can help strengthen hair follicles.

Soy Protein; Strengthens and mends hair. Increases the ability for hair to maintain proper moisture levels. Smooths & adds shine.

Aloe Vera extractContains enzymes that help repair dead skin cells on the scalp. Helps relive itchiness and dandruff effects. Very soothing leaving hair and scalp feeling conditioned and healthy.

Cocoa Butter; Has healing and softening properties that help make your hair healthy, detangled, smooth & shiny.

Jojoba Oil; Adds moisture, detangles, smooths & adds shine.

Rosemary Oil; Helps nourish and stimulate blood flow to hair follicles, helping create the perfect environment for growing stronger, healthy hair. Smooths, adds shine and detangles.

Orange OilContains high levels of vitamin C that help protect & heal scalp/skin & hair. It can also help promote the production of collagen & cell regeneration on the scalp/skin. Smooths, adds shine and detangles.

Peppermint Oil Helps control scalp disorders, irritated, oily and / or scalp acne. Contains menthol that can stimulate blood flow to hair follicles helping create strong healthy hair. Smooths & adds shine.

Cetearyl AlcoholA Coconut Fatty Alcohol used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener. PURELAND only uses a naturally derived cetearyl alcohol from Coconut Oil.

PLEASE NOTE: Because PURELAND products use 100% natural plant based ingredients the natural fragrance will slightly change depending on what season the botanicals are harvested.

Also, because of the all-natural ingredients   

contents must be finished with-in 6 months after opening.

Ingredients: Lemongrass Hydrosol, Soy Protein, Aloe Vera extractCocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil, Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol.

NO Sulfates

NO Parabens

NO Artificial fragrance

NO Animal ingredients

NO Chemicals of any kind

Directions: On damp or dry hair, apply Therapy Blow Cream (dime size to a quarter size, depending on hair texture and length) distribute evenly from mid shaft to ends then toward the scalp. Leave-in and heat style or let air dry for natural controlled texture.

Great on all hair types, even fine/thin hair.

PURLAND Products     Chino, CA USA

Please recycle

No Animal testing

2oz / 60ml

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